A warm welcome!  I am a professional Landscape and Garden Designer working from a base in Hampshire, covering London, Sussex and Surrey.  My ethos is to introduce a feeling of subtle elegance and incorporate gentle innovation to design landscapes that provide relaxation, reassurance, and tranquillity.


This builds on my extensive horticultural knowledge and dedication to creating unique design experiences that will complement and elevate your home. 


I am passionate about advocating ecological responsible decision-making. I collaborate with every client to empower them to act as a responsible custodian of their outdoor space, thus securing its longevity and vibrancy for many generations to come. 


With this in mind, I focus on garden design landscapes bringing together plants and softer surfaces. This provides structure and clear delineation without reliance on artificial surfacing and hard landscaping, which can detract from the natural grace of your gardens.


The key to balance is to combine resourceful design alongside architectural detailing to afford every space both longevity and practicality. Your garden design should be as unique as your home, and be sensitively designed to suit every intended purpose. 

The basis of our designs is to keep the integrity of buildings and the existing landscape setting paramount. Designs  flow and ebb between spaces, often using quirky links or  details to suprise or amuse.

Not all gardens need to be a sea of roses and colour.  Plants which are anchored together for a shapely scheme can be calming and reassuring.  You can be assured that all our planting schemes use layering effects of shape, energy as well as colour that are enduring and provide years of expectance and pleasure.

Keeping your garden in good shape may take a considerable army of gardeners, depending on complexity of the design. Increasingly, our responsibility as designers is to plan a long term view for sustainable garden management, using our horticultural knowledge to mitigate the increase of plant disease and less blob pruning!

Where need arises, we are on hand to resolve anything garden related such as a one off design solution; advise on a garden makeover, or devise a maintenance plan.




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